Saturday, March 18, 2017

Can't contain water after dam is broken

Sri Sadgurubhyoh Namah
Mahabharata Vanaparva Arjunabhigamana parva Section XX - XXII

Krishna returns from Rajasuya yaga performed by Yudishtira and finds city of Dwaraka shorn of its splendour after the attack of Salwa. There were no sounds of vedic recitation, gardens were destroyed, people were looking gloomy. Krishna asks son of Hridika what has happened, and he explains that Salwa has attacked Dwaraka. Krishna decides to slay Salwa and sets forth with an army towards the direction of Matrikavarta, the country of Salwa, and reaches it after crossing many mountains, rivers, and lands. Krishna finally finds Salwa in his car of precious metals. Salwa, on seeing Krishna, challenges him and shoots many arrows at him. There ensues a huge battle between the two of them and the two armies. The sky is filled with thousands of arrows, shafts and javellins, dust, fire, light and thunder. Many danavas and yadavas are killed in that battle. Then, Salwa creates an illusion. A person approaches Krishna and tells him that King of Dwaraka, Vasudeva was killed by Salwa. Krishna sees the body of Vasudeva thrown from the car of Salwa. This creates a confusion in the mind of Krishna. He thinks that while Balarama, Pradyumna are alive nobody could have touched Vasudeva. If Vasudeva is killed, then certainly Balarama, and Pradyumna might have been killed and all Yadava clan and Dwaraka city might have been destroyed. Disheartened thus, Krishna lays down Sarangya , his mighty bow and sits by the side of the car. Regaining senses and on not finding the body of Vasudeva nor the messenger, he understands that this is an illusion and confusion created by Salwa, and with renewed vigor, he attacks Salwa. The arrows shot by Salwa pierces the body of the charioteer and horses of Krishna. The charioteer says to Krishna to kill the enemy without delay as he is losing capacity to drive and horses also getting tired and exhausted. Krishna throws his mightiest weapon, the Sudarshana chakra at the enemy's car and it blazes forth and cuts the car into two pieces and comes back to him. Again Krishna throws the Sudarshana chakra at the enemy Salwa and it cuts him into two pieces. The danava army runs helter skelter in fright at the fall of Salwa. Krishna returns victoriously to Dwaraka. 
Krishna narrates this victorious battle to Yudishtir and tells him that because of this engagement, he was not able to come to Yudhistir's rescue at the game of dice. Krishna says 'What can I do now, we cannot contain water after the dam is broken'. 
Krishna takes leave of Yudhistir and pandavas and returns to Dwaraka.

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